Mermaid Shopping Trip! Jewelry Finds

Happy Mermaid Monday, friends! In past articles I’ve mentioned how fantastic Etsy is for finding unique, one of a kind, handmade items. Websites like this are perfect for adding elements to your mermaid costumes to really spice up your outfit. Items range from simple to extravagant and fit every budget. This week I wanted to bring some great pieces to you guys at affordable prices. Each item would be a beautiful addition to your costume, and a definite conversation piece!

So what would a mermaid pick up while on her shopping trip? Here’s a few ideas:


Summer in  a Bubble Sea Globe Ring by UraniaArt on etsy- $39.00



Rhinestone Seashell Pendant from SoCalFindings on etsy- $25.00



Mermaid Ear Cuffs by EnchantedJewelryShop on etsy- $39.99



Starfish Hair Clip by ornate treasures on etsy- $16.50



Shell Necklace by DeVitaDesigns on etsy- $17.50



Mermaid Charm Rings by gildedingypsy on etsy- $14.50



Mermaid Scale Stud Earrings by BeeesBeads on etsy- $10.00



Sea Glass Ocean Pottery Barrette from LotusandNightshade on etsy-



Mermaid Seashell Arm Band by diesel boutique on etsy- $34.99



Barefoot Pearl Sandal by moodyelizabeth on etsy- $29.95



Beach Fascinator by sea natural on easy- $29.00



Seashell Mermaid Earrings by LovelornSiren on etsy- $12.00



Dreaming of the Sea Keychain by EarthlieTreasures on etsy- $15.99



Seahorse Ring by msformaldehyde on etsy- $9.00



Do you have any statement pieces you plan on using in your costume this summer? Have you found anything fabulous off Etsy? Let us know in the comments!

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-CJ Mars

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