Costume Inspiration- for Men!

Happy Mermaid Monday everyone! Although we are the Promenade of MerMAIDS, we encourage everyone to come out and celebrate with us, including the men! Yes gents, you can participate, too! Last week I showed you that yes, mermen are real, so this week I’d like to reach out to all of the gentlemen out there who may be scratching their heads trying to think of a costume, and give you a bit of inspiration.

I think our first instinct when we think of a “male nautical themed costume” would be a pirate. They’re commonly featured in pop culture, loved by many, and costumes are fairly easy to make or purchase. This is a great option that can be reused in Renaissance Faires and Halloween, or like just a random Tuesday at the shore. There are fancy options out there to dress up your costume if you feel like spending a little extra money, or do-it-yourself options that won’t break the bank. You could be a captain, first mate, buccaneer, have a hook for a hand, eye patch, beard, bandana, earring, parrot- the choices are nearly endless (and will probably be explored in a later blog post). Or, you could be a famous pirate like Captain Hook from Peter Pan, Captain Morgan from the rum bottles…… Sir Francis Drake (who is actually a distant relative of mine- arggg!), or Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. All in all, a pirate costume is a safe choice.


Especially if you have a dead-ringer for “Captain Jack Sparrow” and you get a bunch of your buddies in on it! Mutiny on the Asbury Park Boardwalk!!




I have a feeling if this guy showed up, nobody would complain…


However, I like to spice things up and think out of the box a bit when it comes to costuming. After all, we welcome all kinds of sea-faring and nautical creatures at the Promenade, so why not take a little time and create something truly unique? And considering that we’ll be having a costume contest, I’d love to see some truly fantastical and amazing costumes out there. Last year we had some men show up with some really creative costumes, let’s see what we come up with this year!


A sailor, like a pirate, is another common sea-faring costume option. Navy, deckhand, even characters like Popeye are welcome! The retro sailor look could be accompanied by a classy pinup style mermaid or nautical lady.



Of course, we would love to see some mermen out there! Create your own tail and stylings, or go with classic characters like King Triton from the Little Mermaid and Poseidon/Neptune. Mythology is always great for costumes, you can be as creative as you like. This King Triton was from The Little Mermaid on Broadway- a great inspiration but not an exact recreation from the original animated character.




If Poseidon is a little too mainstream (pun not intended) for you, check out Wikipedia’s list of Greek Sea Gods for something a little different.





Maybe you don’t feel like donning the mermaid tail, that’s cool. There’s plenty of other fish in the sea to choose from! There are some great, albeit silly, full body costumes or hats for men, featuring all sorts of sea creatures from dolphins and shark attacks, to seahorses and “king crabs” (however keep in mind that the Promenade is in August, so heat is a big factor!).





I like to encourage creativity, so if you have the time, resources, and ability to make your own sea creature costume, go for it! A couple of bubble umbrellas, ribbon, and leftover Christmas lights make for a really unique jellyfish costume (yes those are my parents). Last year we had some really clever sea critters in the promenade, including a young blowfish and a pair of lovely seahorses (photographed by Micah Moore from The Mermaid Studio)!





You don’t have to be the fish though, perhaps you’d prefer to be the fisherman?


Or maybe you’re the type of dude to skip the costumes all together. There’s plenty of fashionable alternatives. Someone would make me really happy if they showed up in this swanky goldfish suit…





Or if all else fails, just be a mermaid, like this “embarrassing dad” (we won’t judge!):



So gentlemen, we can’t wait to see you at the promenade, no matter what you choose to dress like! If you’re fabricating a costume, take some progress photos and let us know so we can feature in a later blog post.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for future blog posts, we’d love to hear from you! We have a hashtag- use #asburypromenade on social media so we can find you! Follow us on instagram @asburyparkpromenade, twitter @asburypromenade, and Facebook at Asbury Park Promenade of Mermaids.


-CJ Mars