Scales and Tails

This week we were finally able to announce the official date of the second annual Asbury Park Promenade of Mermaids as August 27, 2016, and we couldn’t be more excited to get the ball rolling! We’re going to be doing a lot of planning on our end to bring you the greatest party we can, but now it’s time for you to start thinking about those mermaid costumes!

We all know the standard mermaid “look”- long hair, clamshell bra, green tail… but what if we switched it up a bit? After all, there’s plenty of fish in the sea, as they say. Imagine what an arctic mermaid would look like? She may have ice and frost on her skin, or a hint of blue iridescence in her tail. What about a deep-sea mermaid? Sea creatures found in the depths of the ocean develop luminescent abilities since it’s so dark, maybe a deep-sea mermaid would glow!

What kind of mermaid do you want to be?


A Caribbean Mermaid from the Spiderwick Chronicles



Clown Fish Mermaid- illustrated by ArtLair on DeviantArt



Lionfish Mermaid by fantasy artist Chris Achilleos



Koi Mermaid- illustrated by JillJohansen on DeviantArt



Mermaid of Deep Water (guess I wasn’t the only one who had this idea!)- illustrated by Candra on DeviantArt



Rainbow Mermaid



Goldfish Mermaid- illustrated by AlixBranwyn on DeviantArt



draiad on DeviantArt imagined her mermaid as a leopard shark!



Don’t be afraid to play with color, like efira-japan on DeviantArt did!



A Deadly Tropical Mermaid- illustrated by MerKatch on DeviantArt



This mermaid by Enchantress-Lele on DeviantArt has multiple fins



Flying Fish Mermaid and Demi Sea Princess- both illustrated by Chael on DeviantArt




Add as many fins as you want, like MichelleHoefener on DeviantArt did!



Personally, I’m not opposed to mermaids having wings, too- such as in Amy Brown’s art



Or Melusine, the two-tailed, winged mermaid of mythology, depicted here by MonochromaticART on DeviantArt




Now I want a Starbucks. Anyway, what kind of mermaid will you be? Let us know in the comments!

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-CJ Mars